What grapes are used for Champagne

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What grapes do you use for Champagne?

There are 3 main grapes that are used for Champagne, it is Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier. For every brand the mix is different and it could also depend on the kind of Champagne. Some Champagne kinds can only use one grape, for instance Blanc de Blancs which is a Champagne that is made from only Chardonnay grapes, which is a white grape. That is why it's called Blanc de Blancs. Blanc means white, so essentially it means white from whites. That makes sence because the Champagne is "white" and it is made from white grapes. 

There are also other less known grapes in Champagne. There are in total 7 grapes, the names are: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Petit Meslier, Arbane.


Chardonnay is a white grape that is used to make white wine which is also used for Champagne. Of course the grape has to come from the Champagne district in France to be qualified for use in Champagne. This grape is the third most planted grape, but it is the least planted grape variety in Champagne, with just over 25,000 acres in total. In fact, Chardonnay-based Champagnes makes up less than 5% of the all Champagne. Chardonnay has a amazing ability to withstand a lot of different weather which is necessary because the climate in north of France can have cold seasons. This grape is originally from France and it has a beautiful green skin and leaves some of purest white wine with notes of: melon, pear, apple and peach.

Is used for: Blanc de Blancs, Rosé Champagne and also used in all levels of sweetness of Champagne.

Is NOT used for: Noir de Noirs, Blanc de Noirs.

Pinot Noir

This grape is very well known in Champagne making and also in many other wines, but that is when it is used for red wine as it is a red grape. In Champagne there are over 32,000 acres of Pinot Noir producing grape fields. 

Is used for: Blanc de Noirs, Noir de Noirs and also used in all levels of sweetnes of Champagne.

Is NOT used for: Blanc de Blancs

Pinot Meunier

This grape is historically known as a blending grape to blend Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In recent years Pinot Meunier has risen in popularity and is now seen more on its own with 100% Meunier Champagnes being produced more than ever before. Pinot meunier is a red grape and there are around 26,000 acres of Pinot Meunier in Champagne, which makes it the second most used grape, just a little over Chardonnay. 

Is used for: Blanc de Noirs, Noir de Noirs and also used in all levels of sweetnes of Champagne.

Is NOT used for: Blanc de Blancs


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