How do you make Rosé Champagne

Rosé Champagne is made in 2 different methods, read here to learn about it:

Method number 1

The first method is called "bleeding" or originally "saignee" which means bleed in french. This is done by letting the grape flesh get infused by the color of the skin of the grapes. (Click here to learn more about Champagne grapes)

The grapes are then left to get color for between 24-72 hours, where they will receive the red color from the red grapes. After that they will continue the regular Champagne process. Click here if you want to know hot to make regular Champagne (How to make Champagne)

Method number 2

The second method is called blending, which essentially is all it is. For this method you add a bit of red wine to the Champagne. This will also give the same richness that is expected for Rosé Champagne.

How does Rosé Champagne taste?

Rosé Champagne has a more intense red fruit taste, it is more deep in flavour especially in notes of: strawberry, cherry and cranberry. Have you ever tried Rosé Champagne? if not. Go to your local wine shop and buy one, and if you want to make a perfect Champagne tasting, check out our products here:

We also made a YouTube video regarding Rosé Champagne, watch it here: 

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